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From day one, we are trying to work ourselves out of a job by helping to transform your local talent into a team of teachers, coaches, and administrators who can sustain and lead your vision for years to come. We love seeing our partner districts continue to grow and thrive long after we’ve stopped working together. So basically, we aren’t happy until you don’t need us anymore!

There is no other district in the world like yours…

Your needs are unique and you need a solution customized to your local context.

Key Services

In today’s world, there is no one-size-fits-all, pre-packaged solution that works for every school district. Even though every implementation is different, e2L works with partner districts to help them create a sustainable culture of equity and engagement through four key services.

On-site & Virtual Coaching

On-going support through coaching is key to professional growth and transforming daily practice, and using the Engage Coaching System, allows districts to implement structured, systemic--yet personalized--coaching for all their people.

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Mastery-Based Learning

e2L’s Mastery-Based Learning Ecosystem provides school districts a framework for implementing a growth-based learning system where every student is given the tools, resources, and experiences to progress toward mastery and beyond.

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School Improvement

e2L's Laser Team of expert coaches provide targeted coaching to areas of greatest need. As a result, e2L partners experience massive gains in student achievement and engagement.

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Personalized Learning

e2L’s Personalized Learning Ecosystem provides school districts a multi-level, holistic approach that aligns the entire culture and systems around providing every student with truly personalized learning experiences.

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Culture/Systems Design

e2L uses the 5 Culture Catalysts to help you create efficient systems that are aligned to your district’s vision, beliefs, and strategic plan. With e2L’s culture design methodology, districts are able to clarify their culture goals and codify behaviors.

Immersive, Rigorous Training

e2L’s professional development fosters relevant, deep-learning experiences that kick start growth in your district. Our unique methodology is a key first step in helping to set your people up for success. Research consistently shows that training without coaching does little to transform daily practice. That's why we only provide training with coaching.    

Design & Planning

Use e2L's backward design process to design and implement innovative learning experiences, facilities, and/or technology rollouts that perfectly align to your community's vision for learning.

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Key Methods

To ensure our partners can truly turn the corner and start seeing their vision's impact, e2L has designed, developed, and refined three key methods for assisting districts in achieving their vision at scale.

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We are educators, passionate about public education

At engage2learn (e2L), our greatest joy and passion comes from seeing our partner districts succeed in fully realizing their vision for all learners. 


As educators ourselves, we have a deep understanding of the challenges and constraints public schools are facing. We work with our partners to design and create sustainable systems of innovation that spark a culture shift and create massive gains in achievement and engagement for all learners, regardless of their zip code.

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