The All-In-One Solution to Help Educators
Close Gaps and Accelerate Learning

Design tools, resources, and support teachers need to thrive in virtual and/or in-person learning environments.

Easy-to-Use Mastery Learning Units

Detailed Implementation Guides for Virtual & In-Person Learning

Time-Saving Tools & Templates Aligned to Best Practices

The achievement gap is growing rapidly…


School closures and distance learning have created learning loss for many students


Teachers do not have the time or resources to effectively accelerate learning to close those gaps


Teachers do not have clarity for how to design learning for students at all levels of mastery

The greater the gap, the harder it is for teachers to design learning experiences that ensure each and every student has a clear path to mastery, regardless of their background or current level of understanding.


eSuite has everything teachers need to individualize and accelerate learning for every student…

and for a fraction of the cost of other professional development platforms.

Students thrive when their teachers thrive.

eSuite removes the stress and confusion about how to meet the various needs
of students by giving educators everything they need to ensure all students thrive.

Build mastery learning units in a fraction of the time

With over 35,000 learning units, teachers are able to replicate and/or customize standards-aligned learning units or create their own.

Easy-to-follow, professional growth rubrics

eSuite includes powerful and actionable professional learning rubrics that detail exactly how to implement the best practices for learning in any environment.

Thousands of time-saving tips, tools, and templates

Teachers receive instant access to eSuite’s vast and growing library of vetted and best practice aligned professional learning resources for virtual or in-person learning.

Comprehensive coaching & support for every educator

eSuite’s coaching platform gives educators a structured and guided framework for coaching to ensure teacher growth

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Why Educators Love eSuite!

Collaborative Unit Design Builder

eSuite’s collaborative learner experience design app makes it easy to create standards-aligned, differentiated rubrics for mastery learning.


Tools for Growth at All Levels

A bank of vetted professional learning resources and a learner experience design app put a myriad of tools for growth at your fingertips.


Professional Learning Rubrics that Work

eGrowe Coach guides coachees through a personalized pathway of growth using research-based rubrics for teachers, coaches, and leaders that have proven results.


Consistent & Structured Coaching Log

Coaching without a structured conversation model is just talking. Nobody’s got time for that.

Coaching like a Well-Oiled Machine

Get rid of your scattered documents and spreadsheets! eSuite helps save time by streamlining your coaching process from start to finish.


Tell the Story of Your Impact

Don’t rely on a few anecdotal stories to convey the impact of coaching positions. Tell the whole story with data on efforts and impact.

Systems for Successful Coaching at Scale

Consistent coaching logs that guide the process and ensure even rookie coaches can deliver effective coaching right away so your team can coach across the entire district.

Data-Informed Coaching & Growth

eSuite Reports provides data to help coaches and leaders be in the know and make key decisions.

Trusted by thousands of educators including…

What our partners are saying…

I am loving the ability to log anything and everything I am doing as a coach!
Instructional Coach from Mesquite ISD
eSuite provides me the opportunity to reflect on my work so I can continue to grow. It’s gratifying to receive and be recognized with badges!
Teacher from Allen ISD
eSuite produces reports that show my personal growth. I can quickly see my progress, knowing which ones I need further instruction and those standards that I have successfully implemented into my classroom.
Teacher from Arlington ISD

Teachers Don’t Just Need MORE Support, They Need the RIGHT Support

Every school district wants to help their teachers be the very best they can, but despite their best effort, teachers rarely feel they have the time, support, or resources required to mitigate the learning loss happening in schools. eSuite provides teachers with an integrated support platform that ensures every teacher has the right tools and resources to accelerate learning for all students.  By leveraging what research has consistently shown are the very best practices for learning, teachers are able to integrate with ease what we know to be best for students. They become highly effective and confident teachers who know how to close achievement gaps and accelerate learning for every student.

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4 Professional Learning & Growth Apps in 1 Integrated Platform


Collaborative learner experience design app-centered on creating standards-aligned, differentiated rubrics.


Thousands of professional learning resources aligned to best practices and curated by educators across the country.

eGrowe Coach

Comprehensive coaching, professional growth, and micro-credentialing app that equips educators to coach at scale.

eSuite Reports

Be in the know, with coaching and growth analytics and reporting from across your district or campus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all the apps come together, or can I purchase the apps separately?

eSuite is an all-in-one comprehensive coaching platform that includes the 4 apps. eSuite is available through an annual subscription with tiered pricing based on the number of users. Once you see the design and functionality of the four apps, you’ll be glad you have access to the entire platform.

What type of support is offered?

Our staff is always on hand to help with any questions.  We want you to have the best user experience, so we offer continuous support in many ways. Available to you are robust user guides, providing insight into all areas of our platform, a knowledge base with the most frequently asked questions, or you can simply just send us an email through our ticketing system that provides a direct line to our development team.  eSuite users experience 99.9% uptime with the application suite.

What devices can be used to access eSuite?

eSuite puts the power of e2L’s processes and best practices in the palm of your hand, built to work on any device. eSuite provides 24/7 access to detailed records of coaching efforts across your entire district. It’s simple!

How long is a subscription?

eSuite is purchased as an annual subscription. Users will have access for one full calendar year based on when you sign subscribe.

Do updates to eSuite increase the price or are they included?

eSuite is designed for the user in mind. Our development team is continually iterating the system based on feedback from users. Don’t worry! All of our updates occur outside of business hours so you don’t have to worry about any downtime. Since the app is web-based, updates are automatic. There is no need to update the apps on your end, and there is no additional cost to the user.

Is eSuite customizable in any way?

Yes, tons! There are so many we should probably discuss in person. Customization is available in each one of the 4 apps. We understand each district is unique, so we have built-in customization in many areas, which include standards, lesson plans, badging, reporting, and creating your own resources in ePLC. 

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