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Upcoming virtual and in-person events featuring sessions hosted by e2L

Thriving in Adversity

Thriving in today’s chaotic school climate is certainly a challenge, but not impossible. Join engage2learn (e2L) this March for a live virtual event to hear from district leaders who are implementing innovative and effective initiatives in their schools.

Teacher Support & Retention Roundtable

Teacher burnout and attrition are critical issues for all school districts today. engage2learn, in partnership with FASA, is hosting a virtual roundtable for district executives to give you the opportunity to collaborate and network with other leaders on which programs, strategies, and tactics are helping to support and retain teachers. Come ready to listen to and share with other district executives about why teachers are leaving the profession, what is and is not working when it comes to supporting teachers, and how to retain top talent in the classroom.

Successful Strategic Planning in the Age of COVID

In the wake of a pandemic, thoughtful district leaders know there has never been a more important time to engage in strategic planning to refocus efforts, create efficiencies, and find critical opportunities in the chaos.

Join us for this interactive webinar with Dr. Art Cavazos, retired superintendent and Superintendent-in-Residence at The Holdsworth Center,  to discuss how to leverage community engagement and feedback to create your district’s vision for learning; laying the foundation for successful implementation.

Optimizing Projects with Streamlined Communication Systems

In part 2 of the Better PM for Ed Leaders series, district leaders will learn how to design effective communication systems that streamline the flow of information, ensuring everyone’s “in the loop.” We’ll also be sharing how to assess the effectiveness of your current communications systems and how to identify and address problems that threaten the success of your project and/or initiative.

Scaling Culturally Sustaining, Social-Emotional Learning

Culturally responsive and sustaining education (CRSE) and social-emotional learning (SEL) should not be an “add-on” to lesson planning and delivery, it should be the foundation that all learning is built upon.

In this FREE, 1-hour webinar, district and campus administrators will learn key practices for integrating and embedding CRSE and SEL into their students’ learning experience without adding additional burden to already over-stressed educators.

Designing Projects & Initiatives that Succeed Every Time

In session 1 of the Better PM for Ed Leaders series, district leaders will learn how to set projects and/or initiatives up for success by creating a unified project plan that defines the full scope of work needed to achieve the goals of the project. Done well, the project plan clarifies who is doing what, when and sets benchmarks for success to measure the effectiveness of your project or initiative along the way.

The 5P’s for Developing Strong School Leadership

Creating a thriving school culture and an engaging learning environment in every classroom doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by intentional design from strong school leaders.
Join us for a live, 1-hour webinar where we will share the 5 core components campus and instructional leaders leverage to fuel equity and engagement and cultivate a culture of growth and achievement in every classroom.

Game Changers Florida

Game Changers is the premier culture & systems design event where superintendents and cabinet-level education leaders learn from innovative business leaders how to create and cultivate a thriving culture in their district.

3 Keys to Accelerating Teacher Growth

With so much focus on the need to accelerate learning gains for students, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that teacher growth is the leading indicator of student growth.
Join us for a live, 1-hour webinar where we will share 3 core strategies that fast track growth for your teachers…

CoSN – April 1-4, 2019

The CoSN Annual Conference includes 3 plenary sessions, dozens of breakout sessions, additional workshops, and pre- and post- conference events designed to maximize professional development for your entire school district team. Our conference environment enables a personalized and authentic learning…

A4LE LearningSCAPES – November 1-4, 2018

Come join your colleagues as the Association for Learning Environments hosts the event of the year for those who plan, design, equip, furnish, and maintain places where students learn. Create energetic conversation and interaction as we explore ways to reimagine…

ASCD Ignite18 – June 11-13, 2018

Are you an exceptional educator looking to learn innovative strategies to deepen your knowledge in curriculum, instruction and technology? Texas ASCD’s ignite18 will give you the spark you need to create relevant change in your school or district! Join us for…

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